Posted by: jamesthornton | February 7, 2009

New iTunes Visualizer

I have just finished a simple iTunes Visualizer called Spherical. It is very simple and i wrote it in half an hour in Quartz Composer.

Spherical visualizer in iTunes

Spherical visualizer in iTunes

Anyway, feel free to download it and install it by copying the file to Macintosh HD/Library/Compositions (On a Mac) and restarting iTunes.

If anyone knows how to do this on a PC then please comment.

Hope you like it.

Posted by: jamesthornton | February 2, 2009


One off the few things i’ve come to hate since I made this blog is the SnapShots feature: a window that automatically pops up when you mouse over a link in any Word Press blog. The window shows a preview of the linked page. however there is a way to turn this feature off and i would suggest that most people do. Although it may be useful to some people it is normally unbelievably annoying to the user of website. To be honest I don’t know why WordPress includes in the first place, If you don’t know what I’m on about then this is what it looks like:

A standard SnapShot winsow

A standard SnapShot window


Thankfully there is a way to turn it off for your blog. There is a really good article on it  at Lorelle’s blog.

Posted by: jamesthornton | January 4, 2009

New Blog!

This is my new Word Press blog. And i would already recommend using Word Press to anyone considering starting a blog. It looks extremely complicated at a first glance but I’ve only been using it for ten minutes and already I’m starting to get used to the control panel.

To kick off this new blog I thought I’d list all the ideas for software, games, animations etc. i have at the moment.

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